Jean Claude Kabuiku

Jean Claude KabuikuJean Claude Kabuiku he is a social values-focused professional and highly self-motivated in planning and designing projects/programmes and proactively monitoring its progress, resolving issues, initiating appropriate corrective action and reporting. Substantial years of experience in various aspects of non-governmental and civil society organisations. A sound working knowledge of international affairs, sustainable development goals, peace and security, disarmament, gender-based issues and international development. He holds postgraduate degrees in international business development and creation with the Birmingham City University. He works tirelessly to assist innovation development for the developing countries especially the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Specific work undertaken at global stage include:

  • Initiate raising awareness projects on better understanding and interpretations of various legal instruments; Conventions, Protocols, and Treaties related to international peace and security.
  • Research, design and deliver training on capacity building for officials negotiating Armed Violence Prevention, UN Small Arms Process, Arms Trade Treaty and Disarmament.
  • Enterprise development and creation of enterprise cultures (Strategy, research, development of frameworks, consultation).
  • Social enterprise development, private sector ‘spin outs’ and development of organisations to deliver effective community wellbeing.
  • Identified the channels through which trade impacts women’s economic empowerment and well – being and the channels through which gender inequality impacts trade performance and competitiveness.
  • Provided assistance to the coordination of international conferences for government officials at the African Union and United Nations.

Worked within a team to collect, review, excerpt, translate and upload to an online database material related to small arms,  their proliferation and impacts, firearm legislation and other measures relevant to the United Nations Small arms Programme of Action (UNPoA).