John Parry MBE

John Parry MBE is a specialist in tropical construction with experience spanning civil engineering, planning, project execution and technical innovation. Working for the British government. For East colonial territories in 1960, he was responsible for new road and bridge construction in remote districts of Borneo. Returning to the UK, he switched careers to engineering and manufacturing in the automotive and marine supply sectors, then into specialised engineering for construction materials.

Leaving a senior position in an engineering consulting role in 1974, John joined forces with the Intermediate Technology Development Group under Dr. EF Schumacher, chairing a technical panel and later joining the board while setting up his own engineering facilities, specialising in construction and transportation. The name ‘Parry’ is associated with small-scale construction machines in dozens of tropical nations and with affordable rail transportation in Britain in the form of innovative People Movers in daily operation on the rail network.