Chairman’s greetings

Welcome to Social Development Partners CIC

Dear All,

I am delighted to introduce our new platform on sustainable development goals. Social Development Partners CIC has been launched to assist the global community achieving development goals by 2030 and beyond. It has been a great move when the millennium goals were introduced, but I have faith and beliefs that sustainable goals are the way forward to end extreme poverty, save the planet, fight inequality and secure prosperity for all, rich or poor.

The world as a global society is facing enormous risks and they need to be attended. Many types of research at united nations level have revealed that unless a global effort is made, future generations will be facing huge challenges. The result of largest publication ever undertaken at global level led the sustainable development goals to be adopted in 2015 by the United Kingdom and the order 192 member states. The event was the launch of the Agenda 2030 on sustainable development goals. The substance of the Agenda for these 17 global goals is to steer the world in a direction to avert global risks.

We are set as Community Interest Company registered in England & Wales and based in Stourbridge / United Kingdom. This initiative has been created to stimulate interactions among various partners to provide solutions for affordable social infrastructure. We believe that sustainable development happens when actors and partners interact to envision solutions for the well-being of people, save the planet and prosperity for all. We are expecting to work with all like-minded individuals, businesses, INGOs, academics, diasporas, politicians, journalists, religious actors and local communities to foster development and make sustainable development goals achievable.

Currently, we are working with partners to provide affordable social infrastructure using innovative and green technology in decent housing, schools, health centres, water and sanitation in Africa. However, we are still looking for partners at a different level, strategic, technical program. Do you or your business/organization have a technology, products or services, resources that enable ending extreme poverty, save the planet and ensuring prosperity for all? Please come and join us to support the noble mission of putting people at the centre of social development.

We hope to see many of you joining us soon.


In solidarity,

Oliver Glendenning



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